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Fun Computer ClassesMac Essentials for New Mac  Users
Wednesday, September 28  • 12-4pm • $65
A workshop for new Mac users and computer novices. We’ll immerse ourselves in the Macintosh way of doing things: starting up, finding your way around, managing files, dabbling in rich media, connecting peripherals, printing, networking and sharing, and using Apple’s bundled applications.

The Enlightened Mac
Wednesday, October 5  • 12-4pm  • $65
Aimed at users already familiar with the Mac but who want something more to get to the next level. Invaluable tips, shortcuts, techniques, hidden features, and obscure settings to save you time, eliminate annoyances, make you more productive.

Call 802-362-0222 to register

There’s plenty of room and all new equipment in our new wonderful expanded facility!