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“My journey in pursuing a nursing degree began at The Tutorial Center. The Bennington Bridge to College Program was one of the many TTC resources available and the program got me started on my college journey. The sooner you start pursuing your dreams, the sooner you will realize them. The Tutorial Center has a wealth of human resources, information, and support available for just about anyone who needs academic help.”

Roger Speid

Practicing Nurse

“This program is an amazing opportunity for Vermonters to achieve an excellent education in alternative ways that meet their learning needs and levels. The educators that provide this programming are dedicated and committed to helping every person receive the education they want and deserve. This programming really motivates students to continue their education past a GED or High School Diploma. This is an amazing opportunity for anyone that enrolls. They have the endorsement of our agency 100%.”

Kimberly Phillips-Roderigue

Bennington Center for Restorative Justice

“Nick wouldn’t have done it without the complete support of your center! I will forever be grateful to Barb, Jenn and all who have taught/tutored Nicholas Alexander Ritchie. We did it!!!!!”

Heather Grover Legacy


“I am convinced that if Elliot did not have the opportunity he had attending The Tutorial Center, he surely would have failed geometry…THANK YOU!”



“The Tutorial Center went above and beyond to support my son. The tutors were caring, patient and understanding. I am extremely grateful they were available for my son. I would highly recommend The Tutorial Center for any educational needs.”

Mother of a Tutoring Student

“After 6 years working with many adult learners and AEL service providers, it is evident that funding is needed to help remove obstacles that prevent this population from being successful. From lack of internet access to skills and resources, funding for adult learners will allow many to escape the grips of poverty and provide a better life for themselves and their families.”

Amanda Bates

Community College of Vermont

“At the beginning of my senior year of high school, I was faced with a tough decision. I had to figure out how to support myself while living independently as well as graduate high school with a diploma. I could not go to school full time because I had to work. In the process of researching options, I came across the Tutorial Center. I realized that they could help me achieve my goal. I enrolled, and started going to classes two days a week. This new school week was much more conducive to my heavy work schedule. As if that weren’t enough, I had the flexibility to finish all of the classwork at my own pace. Eventually, I graduated with a diploma from the Tutorial Center after sixteen months. I am extremely grateful to have been able to enroll in the Tutorial Center. Had I not been presented with this opportunity, I would have had to take my GED which for me, was the less desirable option. The staff at the Tutorial Center were kind, welcoming, and helpful, and made my decision to finish high school a stress free and rewarding one.”

Cullen Granger


“Walking across the graduation stage last Sunday was the proudest moment of my entire life.”