We serve folks like you.

From two learning centers in southern Vermont, we serve countless individuals of all ages and skill levels.

Through a variety of proven programs and local partnerships, our dedicated staff helps area residents achieve their goals.

Whether acquiring a high school diploma or GED, strengthening reading or math skills, workforce development, post-secondary/career planning, or preparing for the SAT exam, all of our students get focused, dedicated and professional attention so they can reach their own level of success.

We can help you too.

We serve clients from two convenient southern Vermont learning centers.

The Tutorial Center Bennington Vermont

208 Pleasant Street
Bennington, VT 05201

Tutorial Center Manchester Vermont

3511 Richville Rd • PO Box 1434
Manchester Center, VT 05255

A little about us.

Since in 1971, The Tutorial Center, Inc., has been committed to providing educational support that helps children and adults succeed in achieving their personal, academic, and employment goals.

We accomplish our mission by providing an array of services for students of all ages including K-12 tutoring, adult literacy, alternative high school education, after-school and summer programs, GED preparation, work readiness and job training, on-the-job literacy, technology education, and English language instruction for non-English speakers (ESL). Our instruction is professional, personalized, and not restricted to classroom-only learning.

With two physical locations in Bennington and in Manchester our work is concentrated in Bennington County, but our client base reaches much farther north and east as well as crossing the VT/NY border. We also provide educational services at local community sites as opportunities arise.

But really, it’s more about YOU:

No matter what you hope to learn or achieve, we have professional instructors and dedicated tutors who can help you make a plan and find the success you’re looking for. Together we can determine what instructional style is your best fit and craft a program that maximizes your learning strengths and builds up any weaker areas.

What can you use a little help with? That’s why we’re here.


  • Elaine DeMasi

    Executive Co-Director

  • Sean-Marie Oller

    Executive Co-Director

  • Jena Holmes Thomas

    Tutorial Coordinator

  • Matthew Bentley

    Program Manager/Instructor

  • Ginger Baker

    Admissions Coordinator, Instructor

  • Elaine DeForge


  • Barbara Keyes


  • Butch Godin


  • Amanda Monick

    Transition Counselor/ESL Instructor


  • Diane Morissey


  • Gudrun Hutchins

    Vice President

  • BJ Woodard


  • Sharon Shea-Kennelly

  • Allison Meyer

Office Hours: 

Monday-Thursday: 8:30-4:30

Friday: 9:00-3:00

Classes and tutoring schedules and availability fluctuate.  Please email us at anytime, or call us during office hours with any inquiries regarding our schedules.