Getting a high school diploma is an exciting achievement and we take your success very seriously. Whether you’re struggling in high school or have already left to follow an alternative path, The Tutorial Center offers programs run by a top-notch, expert team that guide you toward attaining a High School Diploma or equivalency.

High School Completion

Highlights of the High School Completion Program

High School Completion Program (HSCP) offers Vermont residents, ages 16 and up, an opportunity to earn a high school diploma from their local high school.

Together with the student, their high school and we create a Independent Educational Plan that offers engaging and customized learning opportunities that best fit the student’s learning needs.

The HSCP program is offered at our two learning centers in Bennington and Manchester, Vermont and offers these benefits:

      • Student-centered environment
      • Highly customized Graduation Plan for each student
      • Flexible daytime and evening schedule
      • Classroom and community-based educational experiences
      • Work/internship programs can count as school credit
      • Drivers education offered
      • College courses may be taken for credit
      • Once the student fulfills the requirements of the Graduation Plan, the individual earns a high school diploma and can participate in the customary high school graduation ceremony

GED (General Educational Development) Credential –

If you’re 16 years or older, A GED Certificate is another option for you.

We offer classes to help build reading, writing, math and other important skills—especially valuable if you’ve been out of the classroom for a while. This skill-building and testing practice will help prepare you for the GED exam.

Once you pass, you’ll receive a high school equivalency credential that you can present to potential employers, with pride.

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