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Dilcia cutting vegetables in The Bennington Tutorial Center's kitchenToday we say good-bye to Dilcia Gutierrez who has been working with us in the Bennington center as part of the Southern Vermont College Intern Program. We were impressed with how much Dilcia was able to tackle in such an ever-changing environment as The Tutorial Center’s. Here’s a bit from Dilcia on her experience with us:

Since the Spring 2014 semester started, I have been interning at The Tutorial Center in the town of Bennington. My assignment has been to work on the marketing and public relations aspect. The work has been completed on and off site. I have conducted a series of interviews and gathered pictures and quotes that will ultimately enhance The Tutorial Center’s website. Along with this project I have been assigned to work on creating website profiles for farms that are a part of the YAP Food Network.

Working with The Tutorial Center has been a great experience. Not only did I gain knowledge in my field of study, I got the opportunity to know what goes on behind the scenes of an organization and I got the chance to meet the wonderful people that make things happen.

I have been learning a lot about pictures and interviews and how they make a great marketing tool and a lot about what goes into a company’s website. A lot of my business courses have prepared me for what I am currently doing, but now I am actually getting the hands on experience here at The Tutorial Center.

Working with my supervisor has also been really great. I have gained a lot of knowledge simply by having conversations. The students and people I have interviewed have also taught me a lot of things. I’ve learned about their journey in education. Their stories have inspired me and have helped me better understand how institutions like The Tutorial Center really make a difference in people’s life.

We wish Dilcia all the best and continued success as she earns her dgree!

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