Winning the achievement race

Running with The Triplets


Winning the Race to Success

We teach all of our students that success is rarely reached by a sprint, it’s more of a cross-country run. That’s why we introduce them to three supportive running companions: Pace, Perseverance, and Patience. 

By training with this important trio students learn how to set attainable goals, manage expectations, and achieve their dreams. 

Let’s face it, the beginning of every new endeavor is fun. When you start out on a project—any project—like returning to school or renovating the bathroom, it’s easy to confuse excitement for momentum.  It’s after you’ve been at it a while and the scenery doesn’t seem to be changing that it’s easy to lose motivation. That’s when it’s good to call on the Triplets for help.

Pace will happily remind you that you’ll get there as long as you don’t try to go too far too fast. Getting ahead and getting ahead of yourself are not the same things. Divide a long journey into smaller manageable lengths and before you know it there will be more work behind you than ahead of you and you’ll cross that finish line.

Accept that the road to success is a hilly, winding one. Perseverance steps up when you feel like you need to rest, or worse, you want to quit. Perseverance gets you around the obstacles in your path and helps you believe in the great things ahead even when you can’t see around the next corner.

Patience is the one who will offer a refreshing cup of self-confidence when you feel like you need to walk for a stretch to catch your breath, or because your shoe’s become untied. When the goal seems so far down the road—so far into the future—Patience will assure you that it will happen. So relax. It may take longer than you hoped—but you’ll get there.  

And you will. The Triplets and we can help

VIDEO: What it Means to Get Your Diploma

Janette Johnson shares what it was like to receive her high school diploma.

If you would like information about earning YOUR High School Diploma, get in touch by filling out the form below, or calling 802-447-0111 in Bennington, or 802-362-0222 in Mancehster.

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Adult Education and VT State Representaivies

Lookout! TTC Graduate in Da House!

Vermont Legislature DayTTC graduate Renette Gonzalez skipped work on January 17 to represent TTC at the Vermont Legislature’s annual Adult Education Day celebrating Vermont’s LearningWorks adult education system (it’s OK, her boss knows!).

Renette is a true TTC Success Story — at TTC she earned her high school diploma in our High School Completion program, completed our Bridge to College and Careers program, was a YAP youth agriculture worker for one summer and then rose to assistant crew leader for a second summer! Since leaving TTC, she is now enrolled at CCV and studying for an associates degree in either liberal arts or medical technology. Not one to stay idle, she also works at the West Mountain Animal Hospital in Doggie Daycare. You go, girl!

Approximately 175 adult ed students/grads attended this special day. Renette was accompanied by TTC’s Adult Education Manager, Janice Leslie.

Vermont LegislatureRenette’s role was special. Renette was one of five adult ed students/grads chosen to testify (that means she made “official” comments!) to the House Education Committee, speaking about the The Tutorial Center’s High School Completion program and how that program supported her in earning a high school diploma from Mount Anthony Union High School in Bennington.

Renette testified that her experience at the The Tutorial Center was extremely different from her experiences at her former high school where she did not feel supported or encouraged. Through the wide mix of activities offered at TTC, she was able to find “her path.” She said she benefitted from the hands-on activities she was able to do, and the warm environment at the The Tutorial Center.

Adult Education and VT State RepresentaiviesThe day included a tour of the Vermont State Capitol building, and Renette attended the House Assembly gathering where Rep. Anne Mook of Bennington introduced Renette and Janice to the entire Assembly! Renette and Janice also met with Bennington Rep. Brian Campion. Both are great supporters of the work we do at TTC. Rep. Campion also sits on the House Ed Committee.

Renette’s visit to Montpelier concluded with a visit to the Vermont Supreme Court to view the lobby art show by artist Ken Leslie (yes, Janice’s brother-in-law!), followed by a visit to the Vermont History Museum.

Kudos, Renette, and thanks for telling your Success Story!

Vermont Adult Education Day

Learning to see. Photography helps Tutorial Center students work with other forms of expression.

The Photographer’s Eye

Learning to see. Photography helps Tutorial Center students work with other forms of expression.A student works with concepts in light during photography class. Being able to see—and capture—light is a one of the photographer’s most powerful skills.


Adult Ed students read Velveteen Rabbit aloud and relate the story to their own childhood companions.

Holiday Reading Friends

Adult Ed students read Velveteen Rabbit aloud and relate the story to their own childhood companions.

As part of their Tutorial Center holiday celebration, Adult Ed students read aloud The Velveteen Rabbit, a classic childhood favorite. They and staff related it to their experiences by sharing their own beloved childhood friends.