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TTC Executive Director Jack Glade recently had the honor of being a U.S. Delegate to the Social Enterprise World Forum, held in Johannesburg, South Africa.

In the context of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals, the World Forum was devoted to improving the success of social mission-related work – such as literacy, nutrition, housing, job development, healthcare – as anti-poverty weapons around the globe. As part of this international trip, Jack had the opportunity to work with peer nonprofit leaders from around the world on these global challenges.

Outside the walls of the World Forum, Jack hit the streets to visit and consult with South African social enterprises. Of special note was the chance to consult with the Kliptown Youth Program, an extraordinary community literacy organization in the heart of a severely disadvantaged township in Soweto, hometown of Nelson Mandela.

The Tutorial Center model of a multi-faceted community literacy organization is of great interest to fledgling literacy organizations working on the extreme challenge of conquering illiteracy in their communities as an essential stepping-stone to social and economic improvement.

Kliptown Youth Program One Laptop Per Child