Spotlight: Elyse

Elyse YAP Manchester

YAP Manchester Summer Work and Learn,
YAP year: 2010

In her own words:

The YAP program was excellent! I learned so much about gardening, something I’ve always had an interest in. The program also taught me business, marketing, and advertising skills, as well as as strengthening my ability to speak enthusiastically to customers.

I continue to use every single skill that I’ve picked up from the program. I used to work at a local pizzeria, and being polite and comfortable with patrons was a breeze—same with the clients at the salon I’ve worked at in the past.

Now, I manage the embroidery department at FollenderWerks Inc., and need to think analytically and calmly in crises situations, in the event of one of our machines breaking during the due date of a large order. I create daily schedules, and prioritize projects, receive and process orders, as well as using accounting software to professionally create invoices and collect payments.

I never would have known where to start in the working-world if it wasn’t for the YAP program. I met so many great friends, and extremely positively influential mentors. This is the perfect place for teens to start if they know they want/need a job, but don’t have any work experience or resources.

Did I mention I continually find gratification in nurturing my own garden on the side?

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