The Tutorial Center's YAP Youth Agriculture Program Org ChartWhat’s YAP?

YAP is a dig in, get dirty, try new things and learn new things program that takes education, personal development, and job training out of traditional schoolrooms. As YAPPERS we experience success while developing transferable job and life skills by growing, harvesting and marketing plants and vegetable crops.

But we don’t just grow plants. We also grow self-confidence, knowledge and curiosity.

By working with the land, by working as teams, by reaching out to the community, each of us grow a bit bigger, a bit stronger. 

YAP! Summer Work and Learn Bennington

YAP! Summer Work and Learn Manchester

Brattleboro visits Manchester

Flowers and Compost Bins

Hot, hazy, and humid… that didn’t slow down our Danby crew in its second week.  With only two days of work this week because of the 4th of July, the YAP crew weeded (everything!), transplanted (flowers by the Smokey House […]

YAP 2014 at Smokey House

    The 2014 Summer Work&Learn program is up and running at TTC at Smokey House.  During our first days the crew attacked the weeds in the garden, transplanted seedlings, pulled wild (aka “poison”) parsnip, and learned about mulch and […]

Looking Back at the First Quarter

Here it is – November already!  With the garden finished for the season, we can look back at the first quarter and a wide range of educational activities.  Here’s a sample of what we did in September and October: The […]

YAP handmade herbal soap

Cleaning Up with Herbal Soap

After spending most of the summer getting dirty, the Bennington YAP program started working with a “cleaner” side of gardening this fall: making handmade herbal soap. With help from Jennifer Ufnar, assistant professor of biology at Southern Vermont College, Bennington […]

Second Day of “School” – Pumpkins and Balanced Stones

YouthWork and Learn has started the school year in good form.  Here are reports from our second day at Smokey House: From Brittany:  First year ever being at the Smoky House – makes me feel good. This is my second […]

Reports from the Field – YAP Crews Work and Learn

Our Danby YAP’ers at Smokey House have been involved in everything from weeding to harvesting, from prepping food to composting waste. Besides their work in our garden at the Smokey House Center, they’ve been learning new skills and gaining new […]

First Impressions of YAP

Farm and Forest Discovery YAP at Smokey House Center, Danby When I first heard about Y.A.P (Youth Agriculture Project) I was really excited to begin working with such WONDERFUL, accepting people, but it was sad when I heard we would […]

First Week at Smokey House

Day 1 – 7/11/13 – Farm and Forest Discovery YAP at Smokey House Center, Danby The first day we met each other and introduced ourselves. We also talked about the garden tools and safety. Sarah and Sharon took us on a […]

Heirloom Seeds

Bentley Seeds,Helping Us Sow!

Thanks to a generous donation of about 500 seed packs from the Bentley Seed Company in Cambridge, NY, all of are gardens will be ripe with fresh heirloom vegetables and herbs. Each YAP Garden, plus the Manchester Community and Educational […]

Making Dandelion Jelly?

“You’re making what…?”  When we mentioned that we were making dandelion jelly, everybody wanted to know more:  What part of the plant do you use?  How do you make it?  What does it taste like? For the curious, here’s the […]

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