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Roger Speid,
Bridge to College Alumni
Roger completed the Bridge to College program Fall Semester 2007 and enrolled in college courses at the Community College of Vermont – Bennington as a part-time student. In the next two years, while employed full-time, Roger completed 37 college credits with a 3.9 GPA. Roger was awarded Vermont Student Assistance Corporation Scholarships and completed LNA training and certification preparation. He is employed while also seeking a further degree from the Vermont Technical College School of Nursing.

“My journey in pursuing a nursing degree began at The Tutorial Center. The Bennington Bridge to College Program was one of the many TTC resources available and the program got me started on my college journey. It is a program designed to help students in the transition process to develop their academic skills and self-confidence, ease their way into taking college courses, and improve their chances for success.”

“The sooner you start pursuing your dreams, the sooner you will realize them. The Tutorial Center has a wealth of human resources, information, and support available for just about anyone who needs academic help.”

Bridge to College and CareersKhendra Libbey
Bridge to College and Careers Alumni
When she connected with TTC, Khendra Libbey was an 18 year old who had spent time in her teen years in foster care. Bridge to College helped her develop personally, polish her writing and math skills, and explore career options within the social work field. Khendra is now enrolled at the College of Saint Joseph.

She admires the Bridge to College program for all the people who are willing to help and says, “I am proud that I already know what I want to do with my life.”

Khendra is clear about her future: she wants to help people as she was helped when she was growing up. “She will make a caring and empathetic social worker,” says her teacher, Elizabeth McHale.

Khendra is open with others, willing to share her personal story if it will benefit others.

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Each year we help countless K-12 students navigate through their academic subjects and build their skills in a variety of areas. Here’s one parent’s comments about the tutoring her daughter received here with us.

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