Learning Assessments

  • Have you noticed your child is experiencing a learning difficulty?
  • Does he or she struggle to learn school material?
  • Does your child have trouble paying attention in class or seem unable to maintain focus during homework?
  • Have you noticed other attitude problems?
  • Do these behaviors sometimes escalate into meltdowns, or hostility related to school or schoolwork?

If you answered yes to any of these you should consider scheduling a Learning Evaluation.

A Learning Evaluation conducted by our licensed practitioners is the surest way to find out what you need to know: the underlying issues at the root of your child’s academic struggle.

Our professional evaluators will help give both you and your child a clear picture of the ways your child learns by identifying both weaknesses and strengths. With this knowledge, you can help your child to be more confident, contented, and successful in school.

Our Learning Evaluations can identify difficulties your child may have in:

  • Reading
  • Written expression
  • Mathematics
  • Non-verbal language

What are the steps involved in a Learning Evaluation?


Step 1: We will gather key information about your child’s learning experiences, school history, personal functioning, medical history, and background information. This information helps to identify the child’s learning characteristics and to determine testing needs.

Step 2: We will then conduct appropriate tests to evaluate specific aspects of the child’s learning and performance. These tests can include tests of academic skills, attention, cognitive processing, language skills, intellectual potential, memory, reasoning,  skills, social factors, and more.

Step 3: Once we compile all of the information and test results, we will prepare a comprehensive report of your child’s learning profile and make recommendations for helping your child at home and at school.

What are the Results of the Learning Evaluation? How Do I get Them?

You will receive an in-depth report of your child’s learning profile. Our report will include not only the test results – but also our interpretation of those results. During your personal feedback session, we will walk you through all of the evaluation results, giving you professional insights into your child’s particular challenges.

Then we’ll guide you through identifying the best ways to address those challenges and support your child’s learning.

Recommendations for supporting your child might fall into such areas as:

  • accommodations, modifications, and remediation within the home and school environments
  • tutoring support
  • counseling
  • helpful interventions
  • coping strategies
  • school planning

No matter what your individual situation demands, you will be assisted by our professionally-trained educational counselors.

Where Do I Start?

It’s Simple.

Contact The Tutorial Center and make an appointment to discuss a Learning Evaluation for your child. There’s no obligation.

Call today: (802) 362-0222

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