Who We Serve

Map of Sevice AreaWho We Serve On an Annual Basis

  • 650 individuals by direct TTC service in 24 towns in Southwest Vermont and upper New York State
  • 250 adults over the age of 22 for adult education and literacy
  • 200 young adults ages 16-22 for alternative high school pathways
  • 200 children ages 5-21 for academic tutoring and school support in grades preK-12
  • An estimated 400 additional individuals – mostly children – served by community workshops, public access TV programming and literacy events

We’re About Success!

  • 90% of TTC students achieve success.
  • 200 K-12 students each year build skills, master subjects and achieve success in school.
  • 10 to 15 at-risk students earn diplomas annually through the High School Completion Program.
  • 20 Bridge to College and Careers students successfully transition to college annually.
  • 70 high school dropouts earn a high school diploma or GED credential on average each year which makes this adult group of learners the 3rd largest “graduating class” in Bennington County.
  • 15 at-risk students, each year, become work-ready by completing the Summer Work and Learn program.
  • 45 individuals master English for on-the-job success and U.S. Citizenship annually by enrolling in the English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESL) program.

Additional Facts

  • 50% of TTC’s adult learners are male (a typically hard group to engage)
  • Approximately 85% of children served are from low-income families
  • Approximately 95% of adult learners (over the age of 22) are low income

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What We Hear:

“I had my first child at the age of 14. I recently graduated from Bridge to College and am currently working full-time on an Associate’s Degree in Business. Thank you so much, Tutorial Center, for having made this opportunity available. To anyone else for whom this chance comes along, take it. You will not regret it.”
— Graduate, Bridge to College & Careers

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