Understanding Math Concepts

Practice Makes Perfect

Isabella Frost uses cuisenaire rods to practice number facts, under the watchful eye of tutor Gano Stevens.Everyone who comes to The Tutorial Center approaches learning their own way. Isabella Frost uses cuisenaire rods to practice her number facts, while tutor Gano Stevens is ready with guidance. Using personalized techniques makes sure math adds up – for everybody.

Dilcia cutting vegetables in The Bennington Tutorial Center's kitchen

Farewell to Dilcia, A Wonderful Intern

Dilcia cutting vegetables in The Bennington Tutorial Center's kitchenToday we say good-bye to Dilcia Gutierrez who has been working with us in the Bennington center as part of the Southern Vermont College Intern Program. We were impressed with how much Dilcia was able to tackle in such an ever-changing environment as The Tutorial Center’s. Here’s a bit from Dilcia on her experience with us:

Since the Spring 2014 semester started, I have been interning at The Tutorial Center in the town of Bennington. My assignment has been to work on the marketing and public relations aspect. The work has been completed on and off site. I have conducted a series of interviews and gathered pictures and quotes that will ultimately enhance The Tutorial Center’s website. Along with this project I have been assigned to work on creating website profiles for farms that are a part of the YAP Food Network.

Working with The Tutorial Center has been a great experience. Not only did I gain knowledge in my field of study, I got the opportunity to know what goes on behind the scenes of an organization and I got the chance to meet the wonderful people that make things happen.

I have been learning a lot about pictures and interviews and how they make a great marketing tool and a lot about what goes into a company’s website. A lot of my business courses have prepared me for what I am currently doing, but now I am actually getting the hands on experience here at The Tutorial Center.

Working with my supervisor has also been really great. I have gained a lot of knowledge simply by having conversations. The students and people I have interviewed have also taught me a lot of things. I’ve learned about their journey in education. Their stories have inspired me and have helped me better understand how institutions like The Tutorial Center really make a difference in people’s life.

We wish Dilcia all the best and continued success as she earns her dgree!

Visit our High School Diploma Page to see one of the videos that Dilcia worked on.

YAP Best Practices Shared Nationally

The Tutorial Center's Executive Director Jack Glade shows of his own YAP skills...I had the opportunity to share The Tutorial Center’s YAP model and experience nationally by giving workshop on YAP for 25 adult education specialists at the COABE national conference on adult basic education, held in New Orleans.

As more people hear about our YAP and its successes, I’m getting more and more questions from other education centers and schools about starting up their own agricultural or gardening project. The COABE national conference provided a way to talk with people from around the country about how programs like YAP change the way individuals and communities think about personal development, food and community.

Thanks to our many committed YAP instructors, volunteers, crews, and supporters. I was proud to share the YAP story and highlight its positive results.

Read all about YAP for yourself.

Enjoying the Ride

Never Too Old

Everyone at The Tutorial Center believes you’re never too old to learn something new or to try new things. Environmental Science and Arts instructor Jim Gunn illustrated that very attitude at 74 years young when he and his family tandem-parachuted from an airplane over Thanksgiving break. Here are a couple of images of Jim’s leap of faith, from 18,000 feet off the planet!

Don't Look Down! Free Falling Tumbs up! The Big Picture Piloting the Chute Enjoying the Ride Physically back down to Earth, though the sprirt was still soaring!



The Art of Re-Engagement

As part of the credit requirements toward their high school diplomas through the High School Completion Program, Paul Secoy and Michelle Barrett are earning art credit by studying photography with professional photographer Christine Glade.

“Neither student had previously given photography much attention, other than snapping photos of friends with their phones,” Glade said.  “But after only a few sessions, each of them demonstrate a natural eye and a strong understanding of the fundamental photography concepts we’ve covered so far. Their work is thoughtful. I’m very impressed.”

Samples of their work:

Photography Class: Repetition and Pattern

Above are the tall pines near our building in Manchester. Michelle took that image as part of a study of repetition and pattern.

Below her image of raindrops and the distant hills was part of an assignment on foreground and background.

Photography Class: Foreground and Background

Paul Secoy showed off his understanding of subject, rule of thirds, and pattern with this photo of his new puppy.
Photography Class: Foreground and Background

And also captured a wonderful image demonstrating foreground and background.

Photography Class: Foreground and Background