TTC Director Took MORE THAN 81,734 Steps for Literacy!

Go Jack Go, was the chant. And Go Jack Did! On May 20, 2010 Jack Glade, Executive Director of The Tutorial Center, set out on a 38.7 mile Rim-to-Rim Grand Canyon Hike, and every step he took benefitted children at risk.

The highly successful Steps for Literacy campaign brought in over $8,800 to build up our S.O.S. Scholarships Fund so that more children will have the opportunity to receive needed academic tutoring and the chance to succeed in school.

You can read all about Jack’s rigorous trek, view his photographs, read about his training progress, and also see his generous community sponsors at the Steps for Literacy website.

The Tutorial Center Brought Best Practices to National Conference on Literacy Crisis

TTC attended first-ever national conference on adult education and literacy to represent state and local needs

Jack Glade, Janice Leslie, and Jan Bopp of The Tutorial Center in Bennington and Manchester presented workshops to hundreds of literacy organizations from around the country who attended the first-ever national conference on adult basic education and literacy in Chicago, Ill., the week of March 15.

“With record job losses and demand for services soaring, there has never been a more crucial time for this conference. It will bring greater attention to the adult literacy crisis estimated to impact one in seven adults nationally,” said Glade, Executive Director of The Tutorial Center.

The Tutorial Center is a member of ProLiteracy, the world’s largest organization of adult basic education and literacy programs with 1,200 community based members in the U.S.  In Vermont, The Tutorial Center is a member organization of LearningWorks, Vermont’s adult education and literacy system. Glade, Leslie, and Bopp presented two separate workshops on exemplary literacy programs offered at The Tutorial Center.

The conference, co-hosted by ProLiteracy and the Commission on Adult Basic Education (COABE), brought together more than 1,500 education experts; political leaders, including Obama administration representatives; and adult learners to discuss strategies to address funding shortages and increase collaborations as the demand for services continues to grow across the country.

Doing so, they join a roster of presenters that will feature prominent national speakers and advocates who will draw attention to America’s expanding literacy crisis including Brenda Dann-Messier, Assistant Secretary for Vocational and Adult Education, U.S. Department of Education; Jane Oates, Assistant Secretary of the Employment and Training Administration, U.S. Department of Labor; Byron Pitts, Chief National Correspondent for the CBS Evening News, “60 Minutes” contributor, author, and champion of personal literacy struggles; Scott Simon, NPR Weekend Edition Saturday host and author; and David Harvey, President and CEO, ProLiteracy.

“This inaugural joint conference marks a historic milestone in adult education, when we bring together top political and industry advocates to try to open America’s eyes to the adult literacy crisis, which affects 32 million adults and their families,” said David C. Harvey, president and CEO of ProLiteracy.

Summer Tutoring Helps Avoid Vacation Skills/Memory Slump

Keep your child connected during the break. Recent studies show that over the summer, your young student can lose lots of momentum, facts, skills, and motivation! These same studies also show that just as little as an hour or two a week of tutoring over summer vacation can exponentially reduce the student’s Fall semester start-up curve and help her/him hit the ground running!

We can help with any subject, any grade. Our experienced tutors will help with skill building, subject knowledge, study skills, motivation, and year-end test-taking. You can sign up for as little as 1 hour a week for a few weeks or as much as you want.

Don’t let the summer slip by and your student lose what he learned over the last year. Call us in Bennington at 447-0111, or in Manchester at 362-0222.

Bridge to College Alumni: Ashley Cunningham

  • rockstar_ashleyCompleted Bridge-to-College Program Fall Semester 2007
  • Enrolled in college courses at Community College of Vermont – Bennington as part-time student, Spring Semester 2008 through Fall Semester 2008, as married mother of three children with part-time employment
  • Awarded A.A.U.W. Scholarships for Female Non-traditional Students both Spring and Fall Semesters 2008
  • Became full-time college student at CCV Spring Semester 2009

In her own words:

I had my first child at the age of 14. Not knowing where to turn, I went to Sunrise Family Resource Center for family development support. While participating in their educational program for teen parents and moms-to-be, I was fortunate to take part in an activities-based reading series called the “Tell Me a Story Project” provided by The Tutorial Center. That project taught us how to interact with books and with our children. We read aloud and acted out the children’s books that we would read with our children. We also did hands-on activities and neat little art projects about the books that we could do with our children as their first teachers. My child loved it!

After I graduated with a high school diploma, I didn’t feel as if I was ready for college yet. So once again not knowing where to do, I went to The Tutorial Center and asked if I could go back to school: “ha ha,” as crazy as that sounds. The interviewer looked at me and told me that I was talking to the wrong person. I needed to be talking with Jan Bopp about the Bridge-to-College Program. I was nervous, but agreed. In came Jan (the Tell Me a Story man) and we started talking about the transition program and how it would help me get ready for college-level classes and how to be successful in college. For some reason I trusted him. It sounded like he knew his stuff; and what did I have left to lose, nothing, only something to gain.”Only to gain” was right.

While I was in Bridge-to-College, I not only received the help I asked for, but much more. I gained a wide knowledge base covering all academic basics and a family of fellow students. Everyone in our program group was absolutely wonderful. We all got along and felt comfortable with each other and the staff right away. I can’t even express how much I gained from this program. If the Bridge-to-College had not been available, I’m not sure where I would be right now. I don’t even want to think about that.

I graduated from Bridge-to-College and am currently working full-time on an Associate’s Degree in Business. I have 30 credits as of Spring Semester 2009, and will have one full year ahead of me to complete the requirements for my degree.
Thank you so much, Tutorial Center, for having made this opportunity available. To anyone else for whom this chance comes along, take it. You will not regret it.

Bridge to College Alumni: Lisa Skowron


  • Completed two-semester Bridge-to-College Program Fall Semester 2007
  • Attended Senator Leahy’s 14th Annual Economic Opportunity Conference for Women (Official photo with the Senator)
  • Awarded Bennington Business and Professional Women Scholarship for Non-traditional Female Students 2007
  • Awarded A.A.U.W.–Bennington Scholarship for Non-traditional Female Students January 2008
  • Won Honorable Mention Award and $50 for poem entry to WeLEARN
  • Continued college course at CCV-Bennington, Spring Semester 2008

In her own words:

I am a recent graduate of the Bridge-to-College Program and I am writing to share with you the experience I had participating in the program.  There are so many aspects of the Program that surpassed my expectations when I entered the program that I don’t know where to begin.

I was referred to the program by my sister, who was a first-semester graduate. I was very reluctant about joining the program due to the fact that I had an overwhelming fear that my accomplishments in life would not be “college” worthy.  After all, I had been a homemaker and mother and had not participated in any formal schooling for over ten years.

The opportunity of having mentors and guest speakers available to speak during the program opened up a doorway into the community for networking and invaluable resources that do no seem available to a person because they don’t know how to access them.  This important aspect of the program allowed a flow of communication not only amongst the presenters and the Program students, but the students in the Program and the college staff as well.

I can not express how much I valued the college field trips and that I had the wonderful opportunity to participate in the 11th Annual Vermont Women’s Economic Conference on November 3, 2007.  I met Senator Leahy and participated in invaluable workshops there.  I took the information and knowledge I gained from this experience and passed it on to my twin teenage daughters. Because of what I have learned I feel more confident personally and feel that I am able to educate them on the importance of being a financially secure woman.

My only “problem” with the BTC Program is that funding should allow for it to run longer.  Even though some student could stand on their own when it was time to cross that bridge from BTC to college, there were some of us who definitely needed to work longer on some aspects of the foundations of learning.  Non-traditional students are coming from all different life circumstances and different learning styles, and I feel people in transition need more time before they are ready to walk that bridge.

However, the BTC Program work gave me that confidence and eased my anxiety, because I was walked through each step.  My hand was held when needed and let go when I needed to cross the “Bridge to College.”  Therefore, I walk away from the Bridge-to-College Program with invaluable knowledge and resources.  Without this Program I would have not had access to such resources for financial reasons and I would have let anxiety and self doubt stop me from furthering my education as I had let it so many times before.

I would like to thank you for the opportunity to participate in the Bridge to College Program.