Multitasking Moth

Jim Gunn, environmental science instructor here at The Tutorial Center had brought in a tree branch that contained a brown silk cocoon to help students (and staff!) learn about nature. The Cecropia moth, the largest native moth in North America, decided to eclose right before our digital photography class this morning and provided a rare opportunity for ultra close up photography of a very beautiful insect. The branch was then taken outside where it will finish plumping its wings and eventually fly off.


The Tutorial Center Manchester has Moved!

After more then fifteen years in our original Manchester location on Richville Road we are very excited to announce we are now serving the community from an exciting larger location at 3511 Richville Road – the red schoolhouse – just down the road from our old building. Here are a few photos of our first day in the new space. Look for announcement on our “official grand opening” to come soon.

We are really looking forward to helping students and the community find success in their endeavors from this fantastic building!

Act Global: Working to Improve Literacy Worldwide

TTC Executive Director Jack Glade recently had the honor of being a U.S. Delegate to the Social Enterprise World Forum, held in Johannesburg, South Africa.

In the context of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals, the World Forum was devoted to improving the success of social mission-related work – such as literacy, nutrition, housing, job development, healthcare – as anti-poverty weapons around the globe. As part of this international trip, Jack had the opportunity to work with peer nonprofit leaders from around the world on these global challenges.

Outside the walls of the World Forum, Jack hit the streets to visit and consult with South African social enterprises. Of special note was the chance to consult with the Kliptown Youth Program, an extraordinary community literacy organization in the heart of a severely disadvantaged township in Soweto, hometown of Nelson Mandela.

The Tutorial Center model of a multi-faceted community literacy organization is of great interest to fledgling literacy organizations working on the extreme challenge of conquering illiteracy in their communities as an essential stepping-stone to social and economic improvement.

Kliptown Youth Program One Laptop Per Child

Bridge to College Alumni: Roger Speid


  • Completed Bridge-to-College Program Fall Semester 2007
  • In addition to college course embedded in the Program, completed one additional college course at CCV – Bennington
  • Enrolled in college courses at Community College of Vermont – Bennington as part-time student, Spring Semester through Spring Semester 2009 and Summer Sessions 2008 and 2009, while employed full-time, completing 37 college credits with a 3.9 GPA
  • Awarded Vermont Student Assistance Corporation  (VSAC) scholarships
  • Completed LNA training and certification preparation and is employed full-time in that job role
  • Enrolled in Vermont Technical College School of Nursing for a RN, Fall Semester 2009

In his own words:

My journey in pursuing a nursing degree began at The Tutorial Center about three years ago. When I met Barbara Croft, Manchester Site Coordinator, she made me feel right at home and was very helpful and kind in all that she did for me, along with all the instructional staff at TTC, while I was getting ready for the GED exams. After achieving my GED, I was encouraged to take the next educational step, once again with the support of The Tutorial Center.

The Bennington Bridge-to-College Program was one of the many TTC resources available and the program that got me started on my college journey. It is a program designed to help students in the transition process to develop their academic skills and self-confidence, ease their way into taking college credit courses, and improve the chances for their success. The person who was responsible for the Program at that time was Jan Martin Bopp, Program Coordinator and adult educator. He, too, because of his leadership skills and drive to help others, was one of the people who inspired me to work harder toward reaching my goal.

Currently, I am completing 37 college credits at the Community College of Vermont in Bennington, and will be transferring to Vermont Technical College in the fall of 2009 where I will pursue an associate’s degree in nursing (RN). This would not have been possible if I had not taken the initiative to start the journey and did not have the resources from The Tutorial Center and support from the wonderful staff that has helped me over the past few years.

My advice to anyone thinking of furthering his/her education is to make a start. It takes hard work and determination, but it is worth the sacrifice. Furthermore, the sooner you start pursuing your dreams, the sooner you will realize them. The Tutorial Center has a wealth of human resources, information, and support services available for just about anyone who needs academic help.