Student Film: Winter Wreaths

In her first video project Abby, a student at our Bennington learning center, brings you along on a class excursion to The Tutorial Center at Smokey House where they got a hands-on, start-to-finish lesson in making festive evergreen wreaths.

After the event Abby used photographs, video, and voice-over narration to put together this great movie about the experience.

The Art of Re-Engagement

As part of the credit requirements toward their high school diplomas through the High School Completion Program, Paul Secoy and Michelle Barrett are earning art credit by studying photography with professional photographer Christine Glade.

“Neither student had previously given photography much attention, other than snapping photos of friends with their phones,” Glade said.  “But after only a few sessions, each of them demonstrate a natural eye and a strong understanding of the fundamental photography concepts we’ve covered so far. Their work is thoughtful. I’m very impressed.”

Samples of their work:

Photography Class: Repetition and Pattern

Above are the tall pines near our building in Manchester. Michelle took that image as part of a study of repetition and pattern.

Below her image of raindrops and the distant hills was part of an assignment on foreground and background.

Photography Class: Foreground and Background

Paul Secoy showed off his understanding of subject, rule of thirds, and pattern with this photo of his new puppy.
Photography Class: Foreground and Background

And also captured a wonderful image demonstrating foreground and background.

Photography Class: Foreground and Background

Multitasking Moth

Jim Gunn, environmental science instructor here at The Tutorial Center had brought in a tree branch that contained a brown silk cocoon to help students (and staff!) learn about nature. The Cecropia moth, the largest native moth in North America, decided to eclose right before our digital photography class this morning and provided a rare opportunity for ultra close up photography of a very beautiful insect. The branch was then taken outside where it will finish plumping its wings and eventually fly off.